Executive Board Agendas

2021 Executive Board Agendas

2020 Executive Board Agendas

2019 Executive Board Agendas

December 2019 board agenda
   DCF Update December 2019
   DHS Update December 2019
   November 2019 Draft Minutes
   November 2019 Financial Report

November 2019 board agenda
     October 2019 draft minutes
     OCMH Handout – TIC Workshops
     October 2019 Financial Report
     November 2019 DCF updates
     November 2019 DHS updates
     Badgercare Reform Presentation

October 2019 board agenda
    September 2019 draft minutes

September 2019 board agenda
   August 2019 Draft Minutes
   August 2019 Financial Report
   DHS September 2019 Updates
   DCF September 2019 Update
   Mental Health Institutes Rate Memo

August 2019 board agenda
   DCF August 2019 Update
   DHS August 2019 Updates
   July 2019 Draft Minutes

July 2019 board agenda
   DCF Update July 2019
   Bylaws rev 5.28.19
   Bylaws rev 5.28.19 – no mark-up

June 2019 board agenda
   May 1 board minutes
   DCF Updates
   DHS Updates
   DHS 1 Letter
   Bylaws rev 5.28.19
   Bylaws rev 5.28.19 – no mark-up

May 2019 board agenda
   DHS Updates
   DCF Updates

April 2019 board agenda
   Executive Director March 2019 Report
   March 2019 financial report
   DRAFT March 2019 board minutes   
   DCF updates
   DHS updates
   DOC updates

March 2019 board agenda
   February 7 – draft minutes
   WCA Budget Summary
   DCF Update
   DHS Updates
   WCWPDS CY2018 Annual Report

February 2019 board agendaNOTE: We will meet via Zoom only; no in-person meeting due to weather. See agenda for call-in details.
   Draft minutes – Jan 3
   January ED update
   DHS updates
   DCF updates
   Family Support and Disability Resource Centers long
   Family Support and Disability Resource Center short

January 3 board agenda
 November 29 draft meeting minutes

2018 Executive Board Agendas

2017 Executive Board Agendas

2016 Executive Board Agendas

2015 Executive Board Agendas


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