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Come expand your career with an organization that values and supports you to learn, grow, and develop your career. We are looking for a Social Worker to join our collaborative, supportive, and results-driven team within our Human Services Department in Child Protective Services.

The majority of the work in Child Protective Services (CPS) is centered around building relationships with parents/caregivers, who may struggle with personal issues such as mental health and/or substance abuse, and who are often involuntarily involved with CPS.  Through these relationships the social worker will work to identify the root causes of the behaviors or conditions within the family that are creating the safety concern for the child(ren) and develop a treatment plan around the needs of the family. This social worker provides case management, services, and support to parents and/or caregivers to assist them in being able to demonstrate whether or not they are able to safely parent and meet the needs of their child(ren). This social worker also provides court related services in accordance with the Children’s Code (Chapter 48) as it pertains to children in need of protection or services.  La Crosse County leaders are committed to provide a supportive and inclusive work environment. We are also dedicated to your learning and development to grow in an organization that is deep in talent.  This is a full-time position working Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.

Associate Experience – What’s In It For You?
Supportive, collaborative, inclusive, and diverse workforce.
Career learning, development, and growth opportunities.
Culture of respect and dignity, teamwork, honesty, and integrity.
Serving your community in a purposeful and meaningful way.
Flexibility with generous paid time-off benefits.
Excellent benefits:
••Wisconsin Retirement System – Very stable and strong
••Health Insurance with options for free care
••Dental Insurance with many services covered at 100%
••Life Insurance with short and long-term disability
We will be accepting applications until the right person is hired.


La Crosse County Respects Diversity


Essential Job Functions


Acts with integrity and builds trust.  Speaks openly and honestly. Listens deeply and demonstrates curiosity for other’s point of view. Demonstrates self-awareness and treats others with dignity and respect. Works as a member of a team and utilizes a family-centered, strength-based approach. Integrates new knowledge, initiatives and approaches when working with families such as, trauma informed care, in-home safety services and signs of safety. The majority of the work is done out in the community and in family’s homes.  Must be comfortable with going in to varying levels of home settings. Receives, documents, and analyzes reports of alleged child maltreatment. Conducts thorough assessments through interviews, home visits and collateral contacts, to determine the range of services needed by these individuals and their families for preventative, remedial or rehabilitative services. Researches and secures informal supports to alleviate the need for formal services and ensure the family’s success in the long term. Coordinates or participates in family team meetings to bring both informal supports and formal service providers together to discuss how best to support the parent in making the necessary changes to ensure safety of their child. Provides social services per Wisconsin Statutes, court policies, and/or requirements of the program, state, or federal guidelines. In preparation for court hearings, writes court reports and permanency plans.  May have to testify or provide information during court hearings.  Maintains case records containing pertinent, accurate and current information. Fully completes required documentation in a timely fashion and in accordance with program requirements. Conducts ongoing safety and case evaluations to develop and update treatment plans to promote the child’s safety, well-being, and permanency to lead to case closure.  Permanency is achieved through reunification, transfer of guardianship or a termination of parental rights/adoption. Maintains skill and competence levels as policies and regulations change by attending department/staff meetings and by participating in continuing training as required and appropriate. Maintains confidentiality of client-related information, maintains respectful treatment of clients, and adheres to the La Crosse County Standards of Conduct in the Administrative Code (3.13). Adheres to approved social worker principles, methods, and practices, including the National Association of Social Worker’s (NASW) code of ethics. Performs after hours on-call and intake duties, which includes working nights, weekends, and holidays on a rotating basis.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


• A person in this position must have a high level of resiliency to receive negative feedback and not take it personally.

• Ability to be organized and able to prioritize the workload.

• Ability to think critically and be able to articulate your thoughts.

• Knowledge of the philosophy, history and development of social welfare programs.

• Basic knowledge and understanding of human growth and behavior.

• Knowledge of current social and economic problems and the way in which these problems affect families and individuals.

• Knowledge of laws, regulations and practices pertaining to federal and state public welfare programs.

• Knowledge of resources for community welfare and health, and ways in which these resources may be used by people in need.

• Knowledge of eWISACWIS.

• Knowledge of Child Protective Services Access and Initial Assessment and Ongoing standards and Chapter 48 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

• Knowledge of Administrative Codes HFS 38, HFS 54, HFS 12, DCF 56 and DCF 58.

• Knowledge of the dynamics of child abuse and neglect, child development and family systems.

• Knowledge of trauma-informed care and parenting practices.

• Knowledge of motivational interviewing.

• Knowledge of Safety Assessment and Planning for Child Protective Services.

• Knowledge of specific threats to child safety, assessment and safety planning.

• Ability to work with diverse populations.

• Ability to relate to people in an unprejudiced and understanding manner with concerns for their circumstances and feelings.

• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

• Ability to plan and organize work to most effectively achieve program objectives.

• Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

• Ability to participate in, and appropriately use, available supervision.

• Ability to participate meaningfully in training provided by the agency, State Department, the University of Wisconsin Extension, and other resources.

• Ability to work closely with law enforcement, medical and court system personnel.

• Ability to analyze information and prioritize duties according to urgency.

• Ability to work in a fast paced environment with a need to multitask.


Training, Experience and Other Requirements


• Graduation from an accredited college or university with a major in Social Work (or any related college degree such as Sociology, Psychology or Criminal Justice).
• Minimum one year of experience working with children and families where child abuse or neglect was present, and familiarity with community resources.
• Experience in investigation, forensic interviewing, and working with law enforcement personnel in child abuse and neglect cases.
• Experience providing services, support and guidance within the trauma-informed care framework.
• Excellent facilitation, teaming and mediation skills evidenced by examples of successful work with persons and/or entities having differing backgrounds, beliefs, work practices, etc.
• Good computer and keyboarding skills for entering data, using various computer programs, using the internet, intranet and email.
• Valid driver’s license and access to personal transportation, or other reliable means for city and rural travel.
• Certification by the State of Wisconsin as a Social Worker. If not certified at the time of application for employment with La Crosse County, must have applied to the State of Wisconsin for a Temporary or Training Certificate and obtain regular Certification within specified time limits.
• Must be certified, or willing to obtain certification, as a juvenile intake worker in the State of Wisconsin with powers to take children into physical custody per Chapter 48.
• Must be available and willing to participate in on-call rotation, which includes working nights, weekends and holidays on a rotating basis.

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