WCHSA Awards

The following awards are presented annually at the banquet of the WCHSA Spring Conference.

WCHSA Distinguished Service Award

Presented to an individual for his or her outstanding services to WCHSA. The awardee is typically a WCHSA member, but non-members are eligible based on significant contribution to the association.

Past recipients include:

2019              Chuck Price and Jason Witt
2018              John Rathman
2017              Alice Connors and Bill Topel
2016              Kathy Roetter and Charmian Klyve
2015              Todd Romenesko
2014              Glenn Johnson & Barbara Larson Herber
2013              Vicki Tylka
2012              William Orth
2011              Neal Blackburn & Liz Green
2010              Linda Van Ness
2009              Cheryl Huenink
2009              Carol Wright
2008              Gerald R. Huber
2007              Michael Van Dyke
2006              Robert Haupt
2005              Mike Tiber
2004              Richard Kammerud
2003              Norm Brickl|
2002              Jack Schad
2001              Ernest Messenger
2000              Lucy Rowley
1999              John Chrest
1998              Nikka Migas
1997              Mary Kennedy

Outstanding Public Service Award

Presented to an individual or organization for outstanding contribution to human services or related fields. Recipients need not be members of WCHSA and could include legislators, state personnel, advocates or other WCHSA partners.

Past recipients include:

2019              Fredi Bove
2018              Dean Ruppert
2017              Bob Goetter
2016              John Tuohy
2015              Cari Taylor
2014              Eloise Anderson
2013              Phillip Wicktor & Elizabeth Mahloch
2012              Silvia R. Jackson
2011               Randy Jacquet & Don Harris
2010              Edward Konkol
2009              Sinnikka Santala
2008              Sarah Diedrich-Kasdorf
2007              Linda Davis
2006              Helene Nelson
2006              John Grace
2005              Ron Hauser
2004              Robert F. Jarentowski
2003              Dave Titus
2002              Mark Seidl
2001              Tom Frazier & Lynn Breedlove
2000              Diane Waller
1999              Craig Thompson
1998              Gerry Born
1997              Dennis Harkins

Woodrow “Woody” Smith Award

Presented to a human services board member for his or her dedication in serving the public trust and advancing the principles of quality human service provision.

Past recipients include:

2019            Jim Koziczkowski
2018            Dennis Wedde and Mary Schwalenberg
2017            Joyce Peterson
2016            Colleen Bates
2015            Tom Widener
2014            John McKenzie
2013            Janice Swoboda
2012            Jim Mode
2011            Evelyn N. Maloney
2010            Richard ‘Dick’ Johns
2009            Loretta Shellman
2008            Fred E. Gellerup
2007            James Gilligan
2006            William J. Downie
2005            Lou Plaisance
2004            Delwyn Biel
2003            Sandra Wolff
2002            Alice Connors
2002            Dennis Farrell
2001            Shirley Kirchman
2000            Duane Stamsta
1999            De. Eunice Boyer
1998            Beverly Kussow
1997            Merlin A. Johnson

Len Ganser Scholarship

A $250.00 scholarship for continuing education or training which will be presented to consumers of human services, or volunteers who assist in providing human services. The scholarship is intended to help the award recipient increase his or her capacity to work for the people we serve or to enhance their own move towards independence.

Past recipients include:

2019            Terry Findley
2017            Jazmay Felder
2016            Tia Bourdo
2015            Mark Conieczki and Steve Shekels
2014            Sue Larson
2013            Gene Grossbier
2012            John Holzschuh
2010            Vera Cormier
2010            Kristi Diener
2009            Rick McKeller
2008            Janis Ribbens
2007            Frederick P. Ellis
2007            Mary Neubauer
2006            Elissa Kinch
2006            Karla Smith
2004            Dana Marshall
2003            Gregory Jackson
2000            New Horizons-Kewaunee
1999            Laurie Bouche
1998            Rose Yarley
1997            Debbie Martino