WCHSA Committees

According to the Wisconsin County Human Service Association by-laws there shall be seven (7) Standing Committees of the Association.

The Standing Committees are as follows: Executive Committee, Policy Advisory Committee (4), Human Services Board Member Advisory Committee, Nominating Committee.

The Executive Director is authorized to create other committees of the Board, subject to Board confirmation.

The current Policy Advisory Committees (PAC) are:

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health PAC follows issues that  impact citizens and counties.The Behavioral Health PAC seeks to promote best practices and recovery. 

Children, Youth, and Families

The Children, Youth & Family PAC exists to collaborate on issues related to children, youth and families. 

Economic Support

Provides feedback and guidance to both the Department of Health Services and to the Department of Children and Families. 

Long Term Supports

CLTS,  Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Committee, Corporate Guardian Fee and Long Term Care Council. 


There are many benefits to membership with WCHSA. Associate Members receive discounted rates for WCHSA conferences as well as other benefits.