Meet the PACs – Policy Advisory Committees

The Wisconsin County Human Service Association Constitution provides for Policy Advisory Committees (PACS) as follows:

There shall be four (4) Policy Advisory Committees representing the programs and services of the CountyHuman Services system. The membership of each committee shall be comprised of individuals who express an interest in the programs or services represented by each committee. No more than twenty (20) members of each committee shall have voting rights. All voting committee members must be members of the Association. The four Policy Advisory Committees will be comprised of the following interests: Behavioral Health; Children, Youth and Families; Economic Support and Long Term Support.

Membership of the Policy Advisory Committee(s)shall be opened to all membership of the Association and other staff of agencies with Full Membership by declaring an interest in a respective Policy Advisory Committee.

The co-chairs of each Policy Advisory Committee shall assemble their committee and present the roster to the Executive Board for approval. Each committee member should be chosen upon an expressed interest in the work of that committee. The co-chairs shall chair the committees, provide for minutes and a record of all actions taken, provide for an annual report and maintain a listing of active members which shall be filed and updated at least annually with the Secretary of the Association. The Executive Board shall review the written annual report from each PAC and recommend goals for the next term.

Click on the PAC name at the left to read more about each PAC and see the current member list.  Make sure to scroll to the bottom of their screen to see the minutes of past meetings.

The current Policy Advisory Committees (PAC) are:

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health PAC follows issues that  impact citizens and counties.The Behavioral Health PAC seeks to promote best practices and recovery. 

Children, Youth, and Families

The Children, Youth & Family PAC exists to collaborate on issues related to children, youth and families. 

Economic Support

Provides feedback and guidance to both the Department of Health Services and to the Department of Children and Families. 

Long Term Supports

CLTS,  Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Committee, Corporate Guardian Fee and Long Term Care Council.